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Cultural drift or Cultural Shift,” Karen Stephenson, Color Magazine, February 2012.

  • Why change fails
  • Case studies
  • Cultural shift
  • The role of hubs, gatekeepers, and pulse-takers
  • Three prototypical patterns

From Tiananmen to Tahrir: Knowing One’s Place in the 21st Century,” Karen Stephenson, Organizational Dynamics, Vol. 40, Issue 4, October – December 2011.

  • Social networks and world events
  • Cultural evolution, technological revolution, and social connection
  • Trust in the workplace
  • The face of culture
  • The principle of homophilly
  • Egocentric networks
  • Cultural drift and shift
  • The end of the office

Paradox of Diversity 2012,” Karen Stephenson, Color Magazine, 2011.

  • Why can’t we all just get along?
  • Case 1: J.P. Morgan
  • Case 2:  UCLA
  • What made the difference?

Karen Stephenson’s Quantum Theory of Trust,” Art Kleiner, strategy + business, issue 29.

  • Trust and learning
  • The organization chart versus the human network
  • Anatomy of a network
  • Double-helix management
  • Analyzing interdependencies
  • Varieties of knowledge resources
  • Trust and transactions

Trusted Connections,” Karen Stephenson, World Business, October 2006.

  • Parallel universes:  corporate authority and trusted networks
  • Organisational personality types:  Hubs, Gatekeepers, Pulsetakers
  • The speed of trust

The Community Network Solution,” Karen Stephenson, strategy + business, issue 49.

  • Relationships trump rank
  • Cultural topography
  • Community heroes
  • The Philadelphia Community Connectors
  • The triads of trust
  • Connecting the Connectors

The Queen of Connect,” An interview with Karen Stephenson, Freelancing Matters, September 2011.

  • The role of freelancers
  • Visualise and measure networks
  • The survey
  • Referrals of trust

Social Capital Analysis: A Powerful Tool for HR Professionals,” Lyle S. Hanna, SPHR, KYSHRM Magazine, September 2011.

  • The history of Social Network Analysis/Social Capital Analysis
  • Lyle Hanna meets Dr. Karen Stephenson
  • Dr. Karen Stephenson, pioneer in Social Capital Analysis
  • Social Capital Analysis as a powerful HR tool
  • Results from Social Capital Analysis projects

The Power of Connection,” Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, KYSHRM Magazine, September 2012.

  • Types of organizational power
  • Social capital analysis
  • The value of connectors
  • Who are connectors?
  • Connector competencies:  trustworthiness, accessibility, influence

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