Communication Strategies

When you have to get a message out, how do you do it? In the case of one organization and its attempt to engage its employees with the values of Six Sigma, the only solution was to train everyone! When NetForm was called in to conduct an analysis of the organization’s supply chain, NetForm was also asked to correlate findings with the training profiles of people in the Six Sigma program. What NetForm discovered was that the correlation of employees who were key connectors in trusted networks and those that had attained a higher level of Six Sigma training was zero. In other words, there was no correlation between those who were trusted and those who were trained. This meant that the organization was essentially training the wrong people in Six Sigma. By training the key connectors, the organization would effectively communicate the value of Six Sigma to the bulk of the employee supply chain, achieving message saturation at a significant dollar savings. This approach was so successful that it was adopted by marketing firms such as a Saatchi & Saatchi, P&G, Genentech and carried on in the US Army.

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