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What is Social Capital Analysis (SCA)?

Social Capital Analysis identifies internal Connectors (beyond the usual suspects) who have power, not just in position but in personal influence.

This influence is used to:

  • Get work done by closing knowledge gaps and utilizing all of the available knowledge.
  • Solve problems by locating the root cause of the problem and resolving it by analyzing the innovation/expertise and improvement networks.
  • Drive innovation and change by sourcing nascent innovation and shepherding it to maturity. Most innovation dies within the organization.
  • Identify the next generation of leaders by eliminating Type I and Type II statistical errors.

By accomplishing these goals, Social Capital Analysis helps organizations accelerate positive outcomes that drive the business.

What are the steps in conducting social capital analysis projects?

  1. We begin each project with a thorough analysis of your organization and the specific goals you want to achieve. Are you interested in identifying future leaders, more effectively onboarding new talent, driving change, or in succession planning?
  2. We determine the population size of the study.  Do you want to include your entire employee population, or a segment of your organization, such as a department, division, or organizational tier (your top leaders, for example)?
  3. We identify the survey questions and fine-tune the wording.  Based on your goals, we help you define meaningful survey questions around seven key communication networks to help further clarify your issues.
  4. We determine which demographic data will be needed to analyze the data.  Is it important to look at gender, age, tenure, location, or other data to solve organizational issues?
  5. We craft the communication strategy to introduce this survey to your participants.  Do all of the participants have access to email, or will another form of communication and web access need to be used?  What are the obstacles that may inhibit participation?  What messages will resonate with your participants?
  6. We load the employee data into the web portal via an excel spreadsheet that you create with our template.
  7. We launch the study through a web portal.  Your participants spend about 20 – 30 minutes answering key questions about their connections with their work colleagues.
  8. We close the survey and begin the analysis of the data and charting maps, based upon your organization’s goals and objectives.
  9. We provide you with detailed reports and documentation depicting your organization’s connections, and help you determine appropriate interventions to support your goals.
  10. We work with your senior leadership team to communicate key results and move toward solutions.

What is the typical length of a social capital analysis project?

While every project differs in length, most projects can be completed within 60 days.

What is the ROI for social capital analysis studies?