Social Capital Analysis Certificate Training


Day One

Day One offers an introduction to Social Capital Analysis by sharing Dr. Karen Stephenson’s experience with over 500 clients.  In this small class forum, you’ll learn about Social Capital and Social Capital Analysis through a discussion format.

  • Trust as the ultimate social capital
  • Why most change fails
  • Tacit and explicit knowledge
  • The Intellectual Capital formula
  • Human capital Issues
  • An inconvenient truth
  • Polarity and social capital
  • Managing hierarchies and networks
  • Key connectors:  Hubs, Gatekeepers, Pulsetakers
  • The case of the accidental connector
  • Social capital reports

Day Two

Day Two focuses on the NetForm™ methodology of Social Capital Analysis by providing the background for the surveys and guidance for interpreting maps and measures.

  • The Pillars of Connection
  • Survey question archetypes and rationale
  • Using SCA to eliminate Type I and Type II errors
  • Diagnosing organizational health using Social Capital Maps
  • Interpreting and understanding types of map patterns and utilizing benchmarks
  • Common questions arising from network patterns
  • Case Studies

Day Three

Day Three of the training is led by NetForm™ Resources Master Certified Practitioners.  In this hands-on training day, you will bring your laptop to actively learn how to master the use of the portal and engage in case studies, giving you real, practical cases so that you will leave the class able to lead Social Capital Analysis projects with the support of a Master Certified practitioner.

  • Portal Training
  • Case Studies
  • One-on-one coaching

Who Should Attend?

  • Human Resource Generalists and Business Partners
  • CHROs and CLOs
  • Organizational Development Practitioners
  • Internal HR Consultants
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Change Management Professionals
  • OD/HR Consultants

The Netform® Resource Process

  • All NetForm™ projects are conducted under the leadership of NetForm™  Resources or one of its Elite Firms.
  • All Elite firms work with a Master Certified Practitioner who leads the project.
  • Certified Practitioners serve as the internal champions who guide and direct internal projects.

Your Faculty

Dr. Karen Stephenson

KarenStephensonDr. Stephenson
—hailed in Business 2.0 as “The Organization Woman”—is a corporate anthropologist and lauded as a pioneer and “leader in the growing field of social-network business consultants.” She was one of only three females recognized in Random House’s Guide to the Management Gurus, and was awarded the first Houghton Hepburn Fellow at Bryn Mawr College for her groundbreaking contributions to civic engagement. Dr. Stephenson has earned praise for innovatively solving a variety of complex problems, which have been featured in The Economist, Forbes, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and in the work of Malcolm Gladwell.

Your $5000 investment for the training includes:

  • Three days of certification training, which will allow you to lead Social Capital Analysis projects with the support of a Master Certified Practitioner.
  • All course materials, portal access, sample forms, and checklists.
  • Continental breakfast, beverage service throughout the day, and a healthy lunch.

As a result of the training, you will:

  • Lead Social Capital Analysis projects with the support of a Master Certified Practitioner.
  • Gain access to coaching and support from the NetForm™  Resources Community of Practice (COP), a group of practitioners who have attended Dr. Stephenson’s training and who work on projects and engagements as internal or external consultants.
  • Have access to free and discounted future learning events and forums conducted by NetForm™ Resources.
  • Receive membership in the NetForm™ Resources Community of Practice.
  • Receive information, white papers, articles, and other educational materials through the NetForm™ Resources SharePoint Portal.
  • Future studies may be discounted based on your ability to support projects conducted by an Elite firm, supervised by a Master Practitioner.

The “Buzz” About Dr. Karen Stephenson and Social Capital Analysis

  • Fascinating topic with far-reaching applications!
  • Can’t wait to see how this innovative idea changes the workplace as it’s adopted and practiced within more organizations.
  • This could change the direction of HR in the rather near future!
  • The concept of formal and informal communication is not new, but the ability to mathematically evaluate and track is an amazing tool for all leaders and managers.

To register for an upcoming SCA Certificate Training workshop, please call (502) 445-6539, or fill out the registration form below.

You will be contacted by a representative to determine your preferred method of payment.  Fees must be paid in advance.


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