Stephanie G. Sobczak, MS, MBA

SCA Certified Practitioner

Stephanie Sobczak currently serves as the Manager of Quality Improvement at the Wisconsin Hospital Association working under the Robert Wood Johnson Aligning Forces for Quality grant and the CMS Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network program. In her current role, she facilitates large statewide improvement initiatives such as Transforming Care at the Bedside and Care Transitions improvement.  She is also a certified Just Culture™ Champion.

In her prior positions, she was the Director of Quality and Systems Improvement at Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation, and previously worked 13 years in the hospital setting providing patient care in outpatient rehabilitation services.

While her background is firmly rooted in health care quality improvement, she has grown to appreciate the benefit of organizational development approaches.  She has expanded her professional repertoire by becoming a licensed social network analyst with NetForm™ International.  She integrates this approach to help address barriers to improvement and the significant change faced by healthcare professionals.

A former Malcolm Baldrige examiner at the state level, she also enjoys assisting small non-profit organizations and teaching others about systems thinking principles and approaches.  An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, she also has a master’s from the University of Oregon in Sports medicine, and an MBA with a dual major in quality improvement and HR Management from Edgewood College in Madison, WI.

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