Maria Nardone, Ph.D.

SCA Certified Practitioner

Maria Nardone, a psychologist, organizational consultant and SCA Certified Practitioner, has extensive experience in healthcare and industry in the US and Europe.  Her consulting experience includes coaching senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, executive assessment, stress management and team development.  Her clients are corporate leaders, doctors, engineers, family business owners, investment bankers and entrepreneurs.

Maria has written a chapter on her approach to executive coaching, which was published in Mind-ful Consulting, by Karnac, London 2009.  Her work demonstrates that executive development programs are an effective intervention for improving organizational and business performance.  She finds Social Capital Analysis a critical assessment component of every leadership development program. Maria has lectured on emotional intelligence, executive coaching and stress management in numerous academic institutions both in Europe and the US including Fordham University’s Transnational MBA program and the Tavistock Institute’s Advanced Organisational Consultation Society. She has studied and lived in Europe, and traveled extensively in Asia, South America and Africa.  She is an expert in cross-cultural issues and immigration.

Maria received her Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with honors in Psychology, from Bucknell University.   She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University

In addition to certification from Netform Resources® in Social Capital Analysis, Maria is certified in the following area: Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis by William Alanson White Institute; Qualification in Advanced Organisational Consultancy from the Tavistock Institute, London; New York State Licensed Psychologist; Accredited Evaluator of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Styles and Organizational Climate by the Hay Group; Accredited Administrator of the Highlands Ability Battery®; Accredited Administrator of the Team Management Profile System®; Licensed One-to-One provider of the Heartmath® Stress Management Program and Stop Emotional Eating Program; and Certified Administrator of Hogan Assessments®, Lominger’s Voices® and the 16 PF®.

Maria maintains the affiliations with the APA, NYSPA, Academy of Management, NYHRPS, ISPSO, the W. A. White Psychoanalytic Society and the Tavistock’s Advanced Organisational Consulting Society.

Maria is a member of the board of Give Something Back International, a non-profit that provides education for children in Southeast Asia and operates the Global Virtual Classroom program that fosters global cooperation, cultural awareness and social responsibility among school age children from around the world.

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