NetForm™ Resources Overview

NetForm™ Resources works with leading-edge organizations that want to accelerate positive change by identifying internal Connectors, mapping connections, and developing strategies to align human capital.  By utilizing the ground-breaking work of Dr. Karen Stephenson, an academic pioneer in the science of networks and Social Capital Analysis, NetForm® technology helps organizations accomplish their most challenging goals.

Since many internal Connectors are NOT the “usual suspects” (in fact, the true Connectors are often the unsung heroes who operate without power of position but who use trust and relationship to influence others), this analysis will identify the REAL movers and shakers—the individuals who fly beneath the proverbial radar—who make things happen and get things done.  By identifying these key individuals, organizations are better equipped to accomplish their goals quickly and productively.

Through Social Capital Analysis, organizations are able to enhance internal communications, create effective change management initiatives, improve succession planning, and ultimately, harness the power of this added human capital advantage.

This is the power harnessed through NetForm™ technology.

What if there was a tool that allowed your organization to avoid these costly mistakes:

  • Promoting the wrong executive can cost upwards of $685,000 (
  • Ineffective onboarding results in lowered retention, costing an organization 5 – 21% of annual compensation ( and Bureau of National Affairs)
  • Failed change management initiatives result in an average loss of 65 cents for every dollar spent (McKinsey)
  • Poor communications and organizational silos can cost an organization over $500,000+ per year in downtime alone for a company with 100 employees (

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Karen Stephenson Speaks on Social Capital Analysis

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